L'affresco del Pinturicchio "La disputa di Santa Caterina". Lucrezia Borgia is at center stage

The fresco by Pinturicchio “The dispute of St. Catherine”. Lucrezia Borgia is at center stage

Of Lucrezia Borgia, rumored daughter Pope Alexander VI and sister of the infamous Cesare, There are a few joints portraits, all agree blonde picture it, slim and graceful, but only one that captures in the guise of santa, the artist Bernardino di Betto Betti, certainly more known as Pinturicchio.

The fresco in question, by title Dispute of St. Catherine, It is in Vatican, in the apartment of Borgia; Lucrezia is the figure placed exactly at center stage, in an upright position, in kind and solemn attitude.

The episode is one in which Santa Caterina (IV sec. d.C.), that the work is personified by the young princess, challenge in a complex theological dispute fifty pagan philosophers to Alexandria, arguing with great skill and wisdom of their views, before being martyred by the Roman Emperor Massimino Daia, in whose presence the woman is showing no fear or shame.

If Lucrezia pull over to a virgin saint and martyr appears rightly as an excess resulted from the need of the painter incensing the Borgia family, the same can not be said of the other features of the work it aims to highlight women, ie the’intelligence, the culture and l’eloquence, qualities that really belonged to Lucrezia, as several sources attest, although they have been obscured for centuries by the dark fame and left that covered, not unreasonably, his entire family membership (Photo gives: wikipedia.org).