Kirstin Dunst in "Marie Antoinette"

Kirstin Dunst in “Marie Antoinette”

No historical figure can be fully understood in his public work if you do not know in the private.

Maria Antonietta frivolous, shallow, bored and incapable?

Metropolitan legends, which, although later, They are slowly dismantled one piece at a time.

Little or no expert on certain policy, responsible for blunders equally, but intelligent woman, dignified, generous and sensitive, This was also Marie Antoinette of Austria Queen of France, only that you remember too little, so much so that after more than two centuries of its existence, This unfortunate sovereign suffers yet, at least in large part, a negative reputation it does not deserve at all.

The post following, written long ago to, highlights the sincere and passionate love that the young wife Louis XVI always he showed towards animals, for which openly defied the label regardless of possible consequences on his person.

Animal lovers, I am convinced, It may not be a bad person.




One of the dogs of Marie Antoinette (dal film "Marie Antoinette"). The queen of France loved animals

One of the dogs of Marie Antoinette (by film “Marie Antoinette”). The queen of France loved animals

the regina Maria Antonietta very much loved animals, especially the dogs, whose company seems could not help but.

She arrived in France just fourteen to marry the dauphin, Also to feel less alone and overcome the inevitable nostalgia for the family of origin and for Austria, where she was born and had spent his childhood, he brought two cute and pestiferous carlini, who did not fail to wreak havoc inside the prim corte di Versailles.

Obviously followed criticisms and accusations against the young Princess, but she did not hear reasons.

Perhaps few people know that at the end of his short life, when he was locked up in the bleak prison Conciergerie, Marie Antoinette had as only comfort the company of a small dog that, affectionate to her mistress, after being sentenced to the guillotine of the latter, He continued to wander for days in the narrow cell where the former ruler was imprisoned, barking like a madman to the woman's desperate quest.

It looks like someone, pity, We have finally taken and the "adopted".

These anecdotes, belonging to micro-history and therefore are not recounted in textbooks, They are basically the ones that best make the character of a character, and the only, perhaps, telling us it really was (Article adapted from: (Photo gives: e