The actresses and rivals Doris Duranti and Clara Calamai

The actresses and rivals Doris Duranti and Clara Calamai

Whose First naked breasts of Italian Cinema?

Who was the first Italian actress to appear nude, at least in part, in a movie?

To contend for the primacy, for decades now, three divas: Clara Calamai, Doris Duranti e Vittoria Carpi.



Clara Calamai in the famous topless scene in & quot; The Dinner of mockery" (1941) Alessandro Blasetti

Clara Calamai in the famous topless scene “The Dinner of mockery” (1941) Alessandro Blasetti

Prime bare breasts of Italian Cinema: Clara Calamai

This, generally, It is considered the first real scene topless Film Italian sound (Pictured above).

Interprets the beautiful Clara Calamai (1909-1998) in the film of Alessandro Blasetti “The Dinner of mockery” (1941).

moments (about one second) chaste nudity, which were, however, sufficient to censorship era to ban their children from watching them.

But that is not all.

For much of the film, Calamai it shows people wearing transparencies that leave little to the imagination.

Nothing, obviously, compared to what we are used to today, but certainly too much for the costumes and the current mindset in the Italy of over 70 Years ago.

You can get an idea for yourself by looking at the video place at the end of the article.




Vittoria Carpi in Blasetti film & quot; The Iron Crown" (1941)

Vittoria Carpi in Blasetti film “The Iron Crown” (1941)

The (quasi) Unknown Vittoria Carpi

Again and again the Blasetti 1941, but this time the film is “The Iron Crown” and the protagonist is Vittoria Carpi.

Albeit slightly earlier than turn from Calamai, this sequence, of very short duration, It is not taken into account because the breast is not entirely visible and because the actress who plays her has the role of appearance or so.

To this we add also that the film has been lost.

Win Carpi, that was committed by the Cinema 1936 al 1941 only in secondary parts or all of the marginal, They have gone missing and she did not know anything.

I promise to try and inform you if and when I find news about him.



The Diva Breast & quot; regime" Doris Duranti

The Diva Breast “regime” Doris Duranti

The claim of Doris Duranti

The diva “regimeDoris Duranti (1917-1995), that in Fascism He reached the pinnacle of success and provoked grumbling in the upper echelons of politics because of the long love relationship and discussed with Alessandro Pavolini, He claimed for itself a particular record and he stated:

“Mine was the first topless resumed all'impiedi, It appeared as it was erected in nature, proud, no tricks, instead Calamai did take lying down, which it is not a small difference”.

Rivalry between women and star in conclusion, common to every age and society (Photo gives:,, e (Video “The Dinner of mockery”-1941 gives