The death of Cleopatra second Florentine Rosso

The death of Cleopatra second Florentine Rosso

The fact that Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt and last of the Ptolemies, has taken her own life just 39 years, we have the absolute certainty: and proud, far more than the Roman sources, her adverse, they wanted to believe, He never would have delivered alive in the hands of Ottaviano to suffer the public humiliation of his triumph.

But if the truthfulness of the event is clear and ascertained, same can not be said for its modalities: in the way that Cleopatra committed suicide?

The most accepted version is that told by Plutarch ( and picked up by other historians, according to which the woman would be killed by a bite leaving aspide, inflicted upon her deliver a poisonous snake hidden in a basket of figs during captivity that followed the defeat of Actium, but not all scholars are willing to accept this version of events slavishly.

The doubts relate more precisely the kind of membership of the snake, poiché the aspide, one mentioned, or the viper aspis, He not lived in Egypt, where instead it was easy to come in Vipera lebetina, which, however,, with its two meters in length abundant, clearly could not be accommodated in a small basket.

The death of Cleopatra according to Guido Reni

The death of Cleopatra according to Guido Reni

What serpent thus, if the snake bite it was, put an end to the days of Cleopatra?

The most likely hypothesis is that it was a echide careened, poisonous exemplary desert dweller.

And if the sovereign of Egypt crafty had invented everything, eager to hand down to posterity the legend of a far more dignified passage than it really was not?

Someone claims, convinced that Cleopatra has actually committed suicide by means of a less regal potion drugs, including the’opium, to which I routinely use, a method that would ensure an agony decidedly shorter and less traumatic compared to that caused by the snake venom.

It does not end here.

Over the centuries have followed other assumptions about the death of Cleopatra, more or less plausible or suggestive; according to one of the above versions, Cleopatra would tip with a spillone dipped in the poison hidden in a jewel.

In conclusion of one thing we can be certain, namely that Cleopatra, a thousand years, still he manages to focus on himself the attention of historians and enthusiasts (Photo gives: e