Advertising a mint toothpaste early '900

Advertising a mint toothpaste early '900

Do you want to prepare yourself a mint toothpaste vintage, exactly like our grandparents did?

The recipe The following is taken from the book To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906) and it indicates both the necessary ingredients that the procedure to be followed: why not try?

"The pastas are apprezzabilissime mint and so make:

White Honey 500g

mint syrup gr.550

Roots of Iris powder gr.60

Sale ammonia gr.60

gr.60 cream of tartar

Grind all in a marble mortar, adding gradually:

cinnamon tincture gr.15

gr.15 of clove tincture

Tincture of vanilla gr.15

Clove essential oil Gr.4 " (Photo gives: