Mozart suffered from Tourette's Syndrome? (scene from the movie & quot; Amadeus & quot;)

Mozart suffered from Tourette's Syndrome? (scene from “Amadeus” of the regista Milos Forman (1984)

The sindrome di Tourette, or simply Tourette's syndrome, It is a neurological disorder characterized by tic engines and phonation of variable intensity, mild to debilitating, often accompanied by hyperactivity and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

some scholars, often analyzing behavior bizarre and outside the lines, hypothesized that the great Austrian composer Wolfang Amadeus Mozart He is suffering from this troublesome disease.

The personality and the character of Mozart have been well reconstructed and described by the director Milos Forman in beautiful film Amadeus (1984).

Here the young musician appears permeated by a constant state of excitement and restlessness.

His singular attitude is also bad language, he was already thrilled by his contemporaries.

Not only Mozart stuffed full their speeches with words and curses fact, but he did not give up vulgarity of any kind even when he was writing love letters or affection for friends and family.

It is a testament pictures addressed to her cousin Maria Anna, apostrophe with epithets and phrases here unrepeatable.

That this musical genius really had the Tourette Syndrome?

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