Execution of Jane Gray Paul Delaroche (1833)

Execution of Jane Gray Paul Delaroche (1833)

This is a really sad story.

The painting Paul Delaroche (1833) you see in, He recounts the last dramatic moments of the brief existence of Jane Grey, an unfortunate English girl climbing on the scaffold at seventeen not yet made, the only fault to be entered, evidently due to quell'avventatezza and quell’ typical naivety of youth, in a dangerous political tangle from which he could not extricate then.

The first calamity Jane was to have as parents Henry Grey, Marquis of Dorset and Duke of Suffolk, e Frances Brandon, in turn daughter Maria, beloved sister of the king Henry VIII, two bad people, unscrupulous, unscrupulous and so desirous of luxury and comfort do not hesitate to sacrifice his own child in order to achieve their ends, in particular taking advantage of the close relationship with Tudor.

The incredible series of events that led to the small Gray tragedy is so full of devious machinations and operations to merit a separate discussion, as well as the personality of the girl, for calm nature and prone to study and meditation rather than the luxury and power, therefore I devote their a post part.

Suffice to say that Jane, forced to marry John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland and protector of the kingdom, or regent for the king Edward VI, still a minor, and to rise to the throne after the premature death of the latter, undermined by tuberculosis or by the poison and kidnapping Mary Tudor, eldest daughter of Henry VIII, He was eventually sentenced to death for conspiracy, treason and outrage against the royal power.

In the cold morning of 12 February 1554, The hapless young ascended in apparent calm the steps of the gallows erected in the center of Tower Green, the lawn of executions located in Tower of London, and he stood in front of the Executioner, who was waiting with ready dark; The sources tell of a unique moment of loss by the victim, that eye already blindfolded, failing to find the strain on which to rest your head, he shouted: “Where is it, where is it?” until a man is helped to do so.

Jane Gray was queen for nine days (Photo gives: wikipedia.org).