Shoes with heels of Louis XIV (detail of a painting)

Shoes with heels of Louis XIV (detail of a painting)

Since ancient times shoes They represent not only a fundamental complement to the clothing, but also a weapon of seduction, and not just for women.

Hence the effort of ingenuity and imagination to create new models, beautiful and in step with the fashion of the time.

It seems that Egyptians were the first to wear thongs, a shoe model that was well suited to the hot climate of North Africa, while wedges cork It was an invention of Romans.

If the shoes of Late Middle Ages, around ‘300, They were characterized, as you can see from the depictions of frescoes come down to us, for thin spikes and overly long, Also more than ten centimeters, it was not until ‘600, Therefore, the full Baroque, to find the heels, at least those similar to how we understand them today.

Unlike what you might think, however,, She was not a woman to introduce them first in the wardrobe and casually sfoggiarli, but a man, the French King Louis XIV, that, can not count on a lofty stature, remedied, or at least he tried to do it, using this little trick (Photo gives: