The chastity belt (engraving of the '600)

The chastity belt (engraving of the '600)

Being forced to leave their wives for themselves and “unattended” for long periods of time when they went to war, It constituted for medieval men a real headache: the thought that the ladies could not just spend the days between domestic and prayers haunted them works by preventing them to be quiet.

How to do so?

The chastity belt was a “ingenious” invention of the Italian nobility (apparently Florentine) the '300.

It was a Iron Pant garnished with sharp spikes closed by a padlock, whose key, obviously, He was held by their husbands.

Officially, it was an anti-rape protection.

Just how uncomfortable we can imagine, But the chastity belt was too dangerous: two holes ensured the opportunity to undertake their needs, but incurring a high risk of serious infections.

The solution?

Having carried a copy of the keys, like many women of the time, indeed, they did.

PS. For the sake of completeness, it is good to specify that some historians doubt the existence of chastity belts of the aforementioned type, considering them a nineteenth-century myth (Photo gives: