Marlyn Monroe to Fratelli e e Bob John Kennedy

Marlyn Monroe to Fratelli e e Bob John Kennedy

What they do have fratelli John e Bob Kennedy with the untimely death of Marilyn Monroe?

Maybe nothing, or perhaps they were even responsible.

This article I wrote a few years ago to on the occasion of the discovery of a pressing dossier FBI from 1965, concerning questionable diva habits, the two politicians and other well-known personalities of the jet-set international era.

The questions sull'improvvisa actress' death (, decades later event, stay open, as well as no signs to clarify the shadows that surround private and public life of the powerful clan Kennedy.





Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

On the Nature reports that tied Marilyn Monroe, American actress and model become, for better or for worse, a symbol of the twentieth century, and the clan of Kennedy, in particular in controversial figures of John, thirty-fifth President of the United States killed in Dallas in 1963, He is his brother Bob, also eliminated shortly after, They were poured rivers of ink; it seems certain that the diva, fragile and emotionally unstable character, He has had a relationship with both, which in turn they were never able to completely dispel the doubts of their possible involvement in the untimely and mysterious disappearance of the woman, occurred on 5 August of the 1962, just 36 years of age.

A FBI file recently found, He has cast new shadows on the private life of Kennedy, never in the clear truth, and their destination knowledge; the document is clearly stated that John, Bob and Ted Kennedy used to attend partying at red lights which were held in the room of a New York hotel, together, almost always, Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, the actor Peter Lawford and his wife, or Patricia Kennedy.

And there's more.

In dossier, from 1965, it also makes mention of mafia, often turn to the Kennedy name, and his plan to take revenge on John and Bob using their known weakness for sex and blackmail; in order to get, the criminals to have used some complacent women close to Sinatra, whose role, in effect, It does not come out too clearly.

Far from shedding light on a period of the most obscure of the recent History, The dossier ends instead for infittirne mystery; ascertained the intimate and perhaps unhealthy relationship between the young actress and both Kennedy brothers, they were responsible for his death? The Monroe had become too dangerous, maybe because of increasingly frequent nervous breakdown he suffered? And the role of Frank Sinatra, actor and singer at the time stated, who was truly?

Assuming that John and Bob Kennedy have really wanted to get rid of Monroe as inconvenient witness or can blackmailer, what they had to be serious and compromising the skeletons hidden in the closet of the two politicians promising to lead them to a decision so inhumane? (Article adapted from: (Photo gives: e