Napoleon Bonaparte. How short stature influenced his character?

Napoleon Bonaparte. How short stature influenced his character?

Can the arrogant disposition, arrogant and excessively ambitious of Napoleon Bonaparte have been influenced by his short?

As the correlation, at least in the first instance, it may seem to say the least risky, this hypothesis has been advanced by luminaries of psychology in an attempt to find the cause of the attitudes and behaviors often lead to excessive former Emperor of the French.

The first to support that view was in 1926 Austrian psychoanalyst what Alfred Adler, according to which Napoleon suffered from a syndrome rather common in low-males, that made him feel inadequate and gave him a sense of inferiority from which it emerged his irrepressible will to subject lands and people.

Bonaparte was up just over one meter and fifty centimeters, bit even in a time when people were on average smaller today, a feature that gave him a worry that the same sources inform us, but from here we come to the conclusion there runs Adler.

Napoleon brilliantly exceeded the’handicap, if we want to call, reduced and the physical height handsome little thanks to the intelligence and irony, hard to think that it may have influenced him to the extent alleged by the scholar, although you can not rule out that he may have played a role, albeit marginally, in his training; each short, on this point, you pictures (Photo gives: