Written on the walls of Pompeii

Written on the walls of Pompeii

The habit of write on city walls It is far from modern, rather.

Pompei, in addition to the many artifacts that preserves, It retains most of the phrases that the inhabitants of so many centuries ago left as bastions of self, an important witness, because spontaneous and unfiltered, the habits of the people of that time.

Vasto is the collection of words of love and sex that stands on the walls of houses and brothels, some romantic, other poignant, many decidedly obscene (often accompanied by explicit drawings).

Here are some written (among those that can bring):

The lovers like bees spend a sweet life like honey. Maybe!”

“Everyone loves a black, burning of carbon blacks; when I see a black, like eating more!”

“The fountain greets his much fish” (photo: adjiumi.it).