Casanova (to the left) swollen with the mouth a condom

Casanova (to the left) swollen with the mouth a condom

Just look’ which combined Giacomo Casanova: in this etching you see him play and try to be funny with aVenetian leather bag” or a condom era.

Casanova is the man on the left of the drawing, and the right, that accomplishes the same gesture, He is supposedly a friend.

The scene takes place inside a luxurious living room in front of three elegant ladies and not too shy (assist at all amused and embarrassed).

I found this image by chance and I definitely judged explanatory of the character's character, always irreverent, brash and unconventional.

I also discovered that Casanova often quotes a condom in his Memory, in which also he claims to have one staff in lino (more gentle on the skin? anti irritations?), calling “English coat“.

I promise I will go into the matter and come back as soon as possible on the subject, it will not be chic, but curious and cute yes (Photo gives: