Face of Alexander the Great

Face of Alexander the Great

Can you imagine Alexander the Great, almost mythical leader, while drunk with gallons of came?

Yet it was the Macedonian usual way to celebrate the end of victorious military campaigns.

When he saw “brightness”, medical personnel Andròcide She forced him to eat large amounts of cabbage, they had a powerful beneficial effect on the stomach.

In fact the stomach of Alexander had to endure not only huge quantities of wine, but also food; As for the causes of his death only 33 years remain unknown to this day (poisoning? stroke? heart attack?), someone, given the not too healthy eating habits, It suggests that he was suffering from liver cirrhosis or a severe form of pancreatitis.

This is just speculation of course, because the Alexander the Great's body has never been found and was therefore not possible to make any kind of assessment or analysis (Photo gives: tafter.it).