Statue of Poppea Sabina

Statue of Poppea Sabina

Poppea Sabina It is famous for its beauty, social climbing, unscrupulousness and for being one of the wives of Nerone.

Woman ambitious and unscrupulous, willing to do anything to get to the top, in the end he managed to get married by Nero and reach the coveted power, but he condemned to a terrible fate.

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Face of Poppea Sabina

Face of Poppea Sabina

Among women of ancient Rome Poppea Sabina It was famous for the beauty and the lifestyle dissolute and shameless.

Poppea Sabina: family of origin and first husbands

Daughter of Poppea Sabina Higher, famous for its charm and number of lovers, and of T.Ollio, politician soon fell out of favor, Poppea very young age he showed an innate propensity for power and luxury.

The Latin historian Tacit She wrote of her that he had every gift from nature "except that an honest soul“.

Apparently mild and reserved, Poppea concealed in reality an ambitious character naturally led to debauchery.

Groom Rufrius Crispinus little more than a child and had a son by him, but that does not stop her from becoming the lover of the young reveler Marco Salvio Brass, friend of Nerone.

And for interested intercession of Brass, in the meantime he had become her husband, Poppea he met the Emperor.

During a banquet in spring 58 d.C., Nero was dazzled by the beauty and proud carriage of the woman to whom he became a passionate lover in a short time.

However Poppea was not only beautiful, but also intelligent and cunning, and aware of the Ascendant who knew he had the weak and coveted lover, He began immediately to alienate anyone who frapponesse as an obstacle.

The murder of Agrippina

Poppea came into conflict with Giulia Agrippina, ambiguous Nero's mother, He took away her husband, sending him governor in Lusitania and persuaded the Emperor to repudiate his lawful wife, the irrepressible and sweet Ottavia, initially relegated island of Pandataria, Finally made horribly cowardly and beheaded after a false and absurd sentence for adultery.

As known, among the many misdeeds attributed to Nero, There is also the infamous of having ordered the murder of his mother; does not seem too unlikely an incentive to do so in the same Poppea, eager to eliminate from the inner circle of the Emperor all those who in one way or another showed hostility to his person.

In fact, once freed of all obstacles, Poppea and Nero married It is in the 62 d.C. They had a baby girl.

The tragic end

Now the ambitious and headstrong woman had gotten what he wanted for a long time: He had become the wife of Emperor Nero managing to strengthen the link with the birth of a daughter, the title was attributed to “Augusta”, none of the people who entered into conflict with her was still alive and able to harm.

But just when everything seemed to be going wonderfully, luck, for its changing nature and mocking, He began to change direction.

The child played by Nero died just four months of life, leaving parents in utter despair, Rome was almost completely destroyed by fire, He was afloat conspiracy pisoniana which he followed the terrible punishment that led to the death of Petronio, Seneca and Lucan, while personal and political situation of the royal couple was getting worse by the day.

Particularly sad was the end of Poppea: remained pregnant again, He was killed by a kick in the belly given to her by Nero in a fit of rage.

The body that had belonged to one of the most beautiful and glamorous women that History memories, after being embalmed and perfumed with essences odorifiche, He was buried in the mausoleum of the Julian family in Campo Marzio.

Last prank: the heartbreaking eulogy was delivered by Rostra by Nero, that had killed (Photo gives: e