Not everyone felt “Set Yourself Free” from Nero's death: the urban populace and the people of Greece, against which the Emperor had always shown magnanimous adopting policies favorable to them, I sincerely regretted.

Many would not even believe that he was really dead and even imagined alive and hiding somewhere, but ready to go, sooner or later, in power.

This expectation, from almost messianic flavor, it was exploited, as always happens in these cases, gives impostors pretending to work for the deceased.

We know for certain that one of them, He appeared only a few months after the death of Nero, levied credibility and success among the lower strata of society, even managed to gather around him a bit confused army composed of vagrants, slaves and deserters.

The regular troops of Rome it took them a moment to sweep it away: even a Nero “false” It could no longer be tolerated (Photo gives: