Bust of Agrippina the Younger, Nero's mother

Bust of Agrippina the Younger, Nero's mother

Who it was really Agrippina, the mother of Nero?

Surely a woman of unbridled ambition and few scruples, who did not hesitate to use his own son to gain power, before you become a victim of both, ambition and son, even worse than she.

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Agrippina and Nero

Agrippina and Nero

It was among the most significant and powerful women of the Roman Empire History Agrippina the Younger, born in 15 d.C. the great leader Germanic e da Agrippina Maggiore.

Ambitious and greedy for power, It was the undisputed master of the scene in a time frame that included four emperors: Tiberio, adopted by Augusto father and uncle; Caligola, his brother; Claudio, the uncle who came to seduce and marry, and finally Nerone, the son who ordered the death.

Agrippina did not live an easy childhood, neither loving: born in a war camp while the battle raged outside, even at an early age he was forced to endure unspeakable violence, beginning with the destruction of the family perpetrated by Tiberius, which probably caused the mysterious end of Germanicus, and did not hesitate to kill his mother-in-exile.

Adolescence was not better: had just 14 Agrippina years old when his brother Caligula he laid to marry a man she detested, the ugly and cowardly Enobarbo, and he had Nerone.

Rea had conspired against his brother, for a period of time the woman was removed from Rome, and from that moment, his only thought was to return home and gain, once and for all, the prestige, also formal, he thought he deserved, or better, he thought was due to, having regard to its descendants.

When Caligula was murdered and his uncle Claudius acclaimed as the new emperor, it was very easy for her, bella, sensual and shrewd, seduce him and take over his cravings for old and vicious man, nor scandalous Agrippina was limited to this perverse game: After absent managed to put in a bad light Messalina, legitimate wife and frighteningly libertine uncle, he managed to have his head and to become the new wife of Claudius.

Now Agrippina had achieved what he had always wanted: was Empress, the most powerful woman and admired in Rome, and he did not hesitate to consume publicly incest to obtain the throne so desired.

but yet, his unbridled ambition did not stop there, and indeed, He went more quickly and fiercely than before against the last remaining obstacles, against those, that the only reason to exist, endangered its future glory, to obtain by means of Nerone; it was like this, that within a short time, with the poison he was taken away before the young British, natural son of Claudius and therefore heir apparent, and finally, the same Emperor, killed by a mushroom dish during a banquet.

The relationship linking Agrippina's son Nero is controversial historiographically; both power hungry and greedy beyond belief, It seems to have been linked to even an incestuous relationship, It has done enough in itself to understand the personality of both.

Matricide was, also at that time, a serious crime: no emperor, even the wicked, violent, cruel Nero would never performed such an action openly, arousing the disapproval of the political-administrative and the Roman plebs world.

But he could always send assassins to do it for him, and that Agrippina knew it and expected it, especially since the relationship with her son had deteriorated further, also because of jealousy Poppea, Emperor's new wife, entry immediately in competition with the mother-in-law, with whom he had established a more and more openly adversarial relationship.

By leveraging the fear of losing the throne that always was the more fearful specter of Nerone, Perhaps it was the perfidious Poppea to push her husband to the extreme and horrible gesture, to eliminate a guilty mother to want to control through the role of the son.

Agrippina was lucky the first time, When the ship sank to a devilish sabotage managed to escape by hiding, while Acerronia, a faithful lady, She was brutally murdered by blows of oars from the killers Emperor.

Not anything he could instead sometime later, When, vistas lost in front of the minion of the king her son, remaining dignified upright and head held high and observing the dagger that would kill, spoke his last, brave words: "Hit the womb that generated".

It was the 59 d.C. (Article from: notizie.it) (Photo gives: hacademics.hamilton.edu e queendido.org).