A beautiful picture of Mary Pickford

A beautiful picture of Mary Pickford

I consider Mary Pickford one of the most talented actresses in the history of cinema, a star of unquestionable talent, to which were added a charming appearance and innate class.

Here below the article that I wrote about her a few years ago for the portal notizie.it, where you will find the essential biographical notes about his life and career.




Mary Pickford in 1916

Mary Pickford in 1916

Gladys Marie Smith, stage name Mary Pickford, He was born in Toronto in 1892.

Of course it equipped with talent and sense of the scene, began just 5 years in the theater, to arrive later, in 1909, next to director David Griffith, at Cinema, art that would have consecrated as a star world famous.

The great success came in 1914 with the film Tess of the storm country; in 1919, along with Griffith and the general Charlie Chaplin he founded the United Artists for which realized Pollyanna, the secret of happiness.

Meantime, After a brief marriage Owen Moore, had remarried with a famous actor and turbulent private life, Douglas Fairbanks.

Brava businesswoman as well as brilliant and successful actress, He began a parallel career as a producer, which he continued even after the thirties, period in which retired from the stage, after starring for the last time Secrets of Frank Borzage.

Meanwhile he had produced Little Lord Fauntleroy in 1921 It is in the 1929 He won the Oscar for Best Actress with her first sound film, Coquette.

He married in third marriage the actor Charles Rogers and he retired to private life.

He died in Santa Monica after a brain hemorrhage in 1979, after two years earlier had been awarded another prize Oscar, this time for his career.

Mary Pickford played 52 films of which they are still at least mentioned A Little Princess, Stella maris, daddy Long Legs.

He played mostly the role of sweet and naive girl, suited to his physical appearance of a beautiful woman, out, gentle. (Article from notizie.it) (Photo gives: wikipedia.it).