Anissa Jones in the role of Buffy

Anissa Jones in the role of Buffy

Do you know who Anissa Jones?

Family affair, known in Italy under the title Family Affair, it's a telefilm that rightfully belongs to the history of international tv, having cheered up the afternoons of generations of children around the world from the '60s to today.

Me too, like many, as a child I have been an avid fan and a few years ago, Also because I had to write an article for the portal, I did a search to find out what they did later the protagonists of the series.

He was particularly struck by the sad fate of Anissa Jones, the little actress who lent her face to the unforgettable Buffy.

Below I entirely my article then, with all the information I could gather.


The cast of Family affair

The cast of Family affair

Who can forget the small Buffy the show Family Affair?

And, just the delicious little blonde girl, all smiles and freckles, that filled the heart of the beloved uncle Bill captivating millions of kids around the world.

Many, perhaps, you have wondered what happened to the promising and likeable actress budding.

Well, his own story, like too many others in the film world fatuous, It is sad and disheartening, one of those that we would never hear tell.

Who was Anissa Jones

Mary Anissa Jones, This is the real name of the Buffy, she died in 1976 a Oceanside, because of a'overdose supervening after attending a party.

Anissa was only seven years old when he got the part of co-starred in Family Affair (Original title sit-com).

The success of the series, which aired in the US from 1966 al 1971, planetarium was, and even today it continues to be revived on TV getting some success.

Famously the plot, simple but effective.

The twins Buffy and Jody (Johnny Whitaker), orphaned, they are adopted, along with older sister Cissy ( Kathy Garver), by Uncle Bill, that it will grow with love and dedication relying on the trusty butler Franch (Sebastian Cabot).

The small Anissa, still in a very early age, It became a darling of the public, acquiring the success of fame and money, if you got in a hurry and especially too early, It may prove difficult to manage.

Especially when, for a variety of reasons, you can not repeat the same, same success as before.

The tragic death of a child prodigy

He had to be bitter disappointment for the young actress when, following the cancellation of the show in 1971, after a 'childhood spent between the covers, interviews, appearances in the various ritual shows television, not more no call came from various productions.

The only shot audition, the one to get the part in the movie The exorcist, he went wrong, Anissa and finally decided to leave the set to devote himself to study.

The parents' separation was for the girl one choc, It compounded by the difficult relationship he had always had with both.

When disagreements with his mother became too harsh, Anissa moved to her father's house.

The personal and professional dissatisfaction, They led the young to take the dangerous drug route.

The 28 August 1976, just 18 years, The Anissa Jones's life was cut short by a cocktail deadly drug.

The 1 next September, the ashes of 'former blond babe, They were dispersed in the ocean.

But an artist, even if this was only for a short time, He never dies completely.

Blue eyes Anissa-Buffy continue to intenerirci, inviolable and out of time, through the same screen that the first deceived and then, perhaps, killed (article from gives (Photo gives: e