Claudio Statue

Claudio Statue

Can an Emperor die because of a banal mushroom dish?

Yes of course, if he is a greedy man to excess and unable to be limited to table.

That this was the best known weakness Claudio (10 a.C.-54 d.C.), I knew perfectly well and decided to take advantage of it Agrippina, the woman who married him despite a close kinship (which did not fail to arouse scandal), being the two uncle and nephew, division, Moreover, by a considerable age difference.

Moreover Agrippina was a woman without scruples and unbridled ambition, always eager to see the throne of Rome the first bed child Nerone, and not for maternal love, but to hold power through itself still a young boy and then easily maneuverable.

But for this to happen it was necessary to eliminate Claudio (and then his teenage son British), Agrippina so not only organized a feast, but apparently he chose for yourself the variety of the most poisonous mushrooms found and made to cook especially for the unsuspecting husband, he ate to bursting.

It was the last time: after the lavish dinner Claudio accused taken ill and died, you could do nothing to save him.

Nerone, seventeen, he was the absolute master of the city (Photo gives: