Breastfeeding in the Middle Ages. The Virgin nursing Jesus

Breastfeeding in the Middle Ages. The Virgin nursing Jesus

As was the case the’feeding time of the smallest in the Middle Ages?

In Middle Ages newborn babies were suckled usually by a nurse or by the mother, but he never did in the first few days after birth, because it was believed that her milk was harmful.

in a post I pointed out earlier because the males were taken into greater consideration than females (, which resulted for them even in a longer period of breastfeeding, abundantly more than two and a half years, against two years of poor girls.

In the more affluent families, the nobility and the bourgeoisie better, almost never the children spent the babyhood at home with parents, because it was widespread habit of sending them to the countryside, where it was believed that the pure air and the tranquility made them grow healthier.

No one was concerned about what this practice was controversial from the psychological point of view, acting for the little one double trauma, ie first the forced detachment and totally unnatural from mom, subsequently, when they knew now already talking, walk and had acquired a relative autonomy, expulsion from the woman they had hitherto grown up and already partly helped to form (Photo gives: