The Santa Maria of Christopher Columbus

The Santa Maria of Christopher Columbus

Also History Pills, some weeks ago, He has helped to spread the news of the discovery, It occurred off the northern coast of Haiti, of a wreck identified as that of Santa Maria, together with one of the three caravels Surface and Nina, shipment Christopher Columbus (

Now the novelty consists of the doubts in this regard expressed by some scholars, according to which it can not be the flagship of the Genoese navigator, which in reality it did not sink in the sea, but it ran aground on a spaggia, and subsequently it is completely disassembled in order to reuse the material for the construction of Forte della Christmas, Haiti, as told by Columbus himself.

the skeptics Barry Clifford, the underwater explorer and discoverer, instead it responds that every kind of feedback so far carried out, historical, archaeological and topographical, might suggest a certain allocation of their own remains to Santa Maria.

Who will be right?

They await further developments (Photo gives: