Birth of a child in the Middle Ages

Birth of a child in the Middle Ages

To be Children in the Middle Ages It was not easy, not only and not so much for practical reasons, As a result of superstitions and the absurd beliefs which he was riddled society.

One of these, it could also lead to serious consequences, concerned the baby crying, ie how much more natural can exist as it is the obvious form of expression referred to the smaller are capable, only at the time it was considered a sign of the devil and therefore something to be feared.

In support of this theory they were even published of texts where were analyzed one by one these alleged events of the Evil: Children who walked on all fours, that emitted sounds inarticulate and ate everything they were clearly possessed.

So what to do?

Obviously it was necessary to protect them by any means groped, which usually it resulted in filling their cradle with all sorts of amulets, who had the task to ward off evil spirits.

The unbearable bandage where they were subjected to months infants, besides avoiding their incurring possible distortions of the limbs (, It should also serve to limit the crying by compressing the chest.

The conviction of the close link between crying and devil, sometimes he led to unspeakable cruelty behavior, how to kill the children crying too (Photo gives: