& Quot; Death of Socrates & quot;, Jacques-Louis David

“Death of Socrates”, Jacques-Louis David

“Now the time has come to leave, I die and you live. Who among us will have better fortune is hidden to all, except to God” .

E’ the phrase, become legendary, with which Socrates, one of the greatest philosophers of all time, He is dismissed by the present, big accusers who had decreed death, and the world.

That Socrates is certainly the most famous of the processes of Ancient Greece: celebrated in 399 a.C., It was promoted by two prominent Athenian politicians, idol e Licone, but made use of a nominee, the young and ambitious poet hopefuls Meleto.

During the trial, Socrates, accused of corrupting the youth and of not respecting the gods of tradition, He defended himself with great skill and with the usual proverbial irony.

When he was given the opportunity to choose a worthwhile alternative to the death, he proposed, saying he deserves an award, to be maintained at the expense of the lives of.

For a similar statement followed, unavoidably, execution of sentence.

The philosopher died after drinking a cup of hemlock (Photo gives: www.artinvest2000.com).