Venus & quot; bikini" gold

Venus “bikini” gold

The ancient Romans, both men and women, all kept very’personal hygiene and body care, more than they did other ancient peoples in their contemporary or even later.

If more remote times it completely washed once a week and partially everyday, with the creation of term and bath daily ablutions became the norm.

To wipe you used the soda, the lye and the pumice stone, all naturally abrasive materials, if handled with too much force they threatened to spoil the skin beyond repair; to prevent that from happening, Roman ladies, especially those of higher rank, used sprinkle the entire body with scented oils and ointments that leaving the skin smooth and soft.

The Romans had a real passion for scents, who used everywhere: body, hair and clothing they were inundated.

Sometimes it reserved the same treatment also the environments; at banquets, a slave was usually pour perfume on the feet of diners, on the walls and even on the wings of doves which were then freed in flight (Photo gives: