An Egyptian couple united in marriage

An Egyptian couple united in marriage

Nell’Ancient Egypt we got married?

The answer is yes, but it was a kind of marriage completely different from what we usually understand it.

No ceremony, no rings, no change of surname of the woman: Marriage in Ancient Egypt was a exclusively private, an agreement between two consenting people who did not understand any religious and legal constraints.

As he got married then?

A joyous and festive “procession” Family and friends He escorted the woman to the house of man and the beginning of cohabitation was the only obvious sign that the two interested parties were united in marriage.

A certain freedom of costumes guaranteed the faculty of being able to marry a slave or a foreigner, while polygamy, Although the rule was the monogamy, it was accepted, obviously only for the benefit of man, he could afford to have several wives at the same time, as evidenced by numerous papyri, an altogether closed to women (Photo gives: