Homosexuality in ancient Rome: two male lovers

Homosexuality in ancient Rome: two male lovers

We all know that the Ancient Rome’homosexuality ( and the bisexuality) It was frequent and did not raise any scandal, but it was subject to “rules” established by common morality, is not followed, he made her the object of ridicule and even cause loss of some basic civil rights for those who manifested publicly.

A Roman citizen could easily be a respected, then gay, provided always maintained a role “active” as part of its choice and as long as the lover he was of lower rank; If this last point, the Romans could, however, turn a blind eye, on what the “passivity” they proved rather inflexible, so much so that the homosexual “passive” He became for all a “cinedo” (mollaccione), It was mocked and even lost the right to vote and to be represented in a process.

Famous for having made this choice in Roman history are Julius Caesar, invaghitosi of re di Bitinia Nicomede, with which he tied a rumored relationship (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/2875/storia-antica/presunta-bisessualita-giulio-cesare-storia-nicomede) e Nerone, at least according to Svetonio, according to which the extravagant Emperor even married twice with two of the same sex slaves, quite a few e Doriforo, the first time in the role of “husband” and the second “wife”.

Another oddity, at least judging by the yardstick and morals today, concerned the freedom to have intercourse with minors, considered more appropriate with children with adolescents; the discriminating factor was the fact that the first, It is unaware of all of the sense of the actions that put in place, They did not run any risk of being “diverted” of this, while boys, who for reasons of age they were obviously aware of what they were doing, they incurred the risk of becoming, as you said, of “badly managed males”.

In short, a really unusual way of thinking, which also strongly distinguished by the Romans Greeks, for whom homosexuality with adolescents constituted a milestone and positive of their path of growth and psychological and physical maturation, but relations with minors 14 years were strictly prohibited (Photo gives: the luzappy.e).