Furore-The wind of hope

Furore-The wind of hope

Those who have followed with participation “The honor and the respect“, “The sin and the shame” and the latest “Rudolph Valentino”, all fiction who they have been a great success with the public, It will definitely captivate even the events of the brothers Vito Licata and Saro, stars ofFurore-The wind of hope“, designed by the same author, Theodosius Losito.

Produced by Ares Film, the drama will be broadcast by Channel 5 in six episodes, all centered on the personal and business affairs of Licata family, He moved from Sicily to Liguria in Italy in pervaded by discrimination and prejudice the late '50s.

A good opportunity to take a step back into the past of over fifty years, descending into mentalities and rigid social patterns era, still strongly it characterized by a strong differentiation, clear racist imprint, between a rich North, but not always available reception, and South decidedly poor and backward, where hope of finding better living conditions, It resolved almost always move elsewhere.

And this will be the choice taken by Licata, but these will be forced to deal with an incredible series of events, Also painful and dramatic, before you can finally find the right way of redemption of his honor and his dignity of human beings.

The two brothers have the faces of Francis Texts, Major and pragmatic Vito, and of Massimiliano Morra, the minor and impulsive Saro; Cosima Coppola instead Concetta, former prostitute and then teacher whose Vito falls, while Giuliana De Sio interprets union Imma Voglino, that weave a passionate affair with the younger Saro, sparking much of the “furore” ulterirmente that will upset the already troubled existence of Licata family.

As a highly respected and long known to the public the rest of the cast main, of which we mention Angela Molina (Crocifissa Licata), Stefano Dionisi ed Elena Russo (Commendatore Shy and his wife), Tullio Solenghi e Alessandra Martines (Mayor Belgrano and his schizzinosissima, and unbearable, consort) (photo: liquida.it)