Joseph II

Portrait of Joseph II

I find this particularly funny story about Joseph II, or rather the report he sent to his brother Leopoldo, Grand Duke of Tuscany, about his impressions on the French royal family, he painted as a disaster without appeal.

These facts.

Before becoming Emperor of Austria, Joseph II made a trip to Europe and stopped for some time to Versailles, host sister Maria Antonietta and husband Louis XVI, where he had the opportunity to meet for the first time not only in-law, but also all his relatives.

Here, textually, What he later wrote to Leopold:

“Monsieur is a deadly coldness; Madame is ugly and coarse; Carlo, he tells of Artois, It is a dandy; his wife, which it is the only one to have children, It is completely stupid”.

It's funny that to be painted so much negative, were two future kings, Louis XVIII e Carlo X, and their august spouses (Photo gives: