chocolate Marie Antoinette

The chocolate of Marie Antoinette

The queen of France Maria Antonietta It was rather moderate at the table, but a few of the goodies that you gave and that just could not do without, was the hot chocolate.

It is said that the beautiful sovereign will sorseggiasse a cup in the morning or in the evening after the play, but also while taking a bath (

It was not a simple chocolate however, but of an energy drink, invigorating packed with calories, but that was to be an irresistible temptation for anyone.

The talented master chocolatier Viennese queen had invented this goodness just for her, with the use of rare and precious ingredients.

To prepare, They were added to the melted chocolate almond milk, vanilla, from time to time, orange blossom and sweet almonds, plus a splash ambergris, that seems to confer all a very particular flavor, but it is now almost impossible to find unless Whether visiting at one of the rare and refined Parisian pastry shops that still use.

The final touch?

A splash of cream whipped fresh, so as not to be lacked nothing.

It seems that Marie Antoinette loved also indulge in an evening break in the company's other ladies at one of the delightful village dairies which she had built near the Trianon, where the fresh milk were obtained, just, excellent cups of steaming hot chocolate.

Needless to say, it was an expensive delicacy reserved exclusively for aristocrats: the people lacked even the bread, let alone the rest (Photo gives: