eighteenth-century dress with basket

The uncomfortable fashion basket It was born in the eighteenth century to the corte di Versailles, which, as known, at the time he dictated the rules of style and elegance.

The basket was but a amplifier of the skirt which derived its name from the baskets that were placed on the donkeys' bodies.

It consisted of a kind of (buffa) “cage” to put under the dress to give it an immeasurable width.

Do you think that you could comfortably rest your elbows or place the fan over it!

Needless to emphasize how this “scaffolding” made of slats of bone or whale and cloth, It would make more difficult the normal daily actions.

From crossing the threshold of a door, for force sideways to avoid being trapped between the jambs, to get into her carriage, operation that gave rise to real adventures to be accomplished, everything became a business.

However, the ladies of Versailles did not care at all, born there basket He was the only constriction of their usual clothing, just think of the corset (

But to be beautiful and fashionable, every torture was bearable (Photo gives: