An old advertising Simmental beef

The corned beef the most famous of all, the legendary Simmenthal, He made its first appearance in the kitchens of Italian to the 800.

In fact it anticipated a trend, the food in “cans”, It would find great success and huge spread during the twentieth century.

Mr Now Pietro, an ingenious specialist trader in Milan boiled and decided to expand its customer base through the testing of new and effective methods of conservation, in 1881 He founded a small company of canned meat.

The novelty, however,, Italians did not like it right away.

Probably that piece of boiled beef and preserved under a layer of gelatin was so practical, but also less inviting seconds succulent dishes of our culinary tradition.

But he had to do was wait.

Only a few years later it, Swiss aviator Gondrand he made the crossing of the Alps in a hot air balloon carrying a supply of canned meat “Company Pietro Sada“, sparking an immediate and overwhelming interest for this “food of the future”.

Since then, all they vied to buy.

In 1923 Peter's son, Gino Alfonso, he founded the Simmenthal, that continues unabated to peep from our tables (photo