Old advertising Colgate toothpaste

Old advertising Colgate toothpaste

How long toothpaste and toothbrush, as we understand them, are a modern invention, since the dawn of time man has been forced, Also for health reasons, to take care of their own oral hygiene.

obviously, we made do with what was available.

Even the primitive men and “They brushed their teeth”.

The “toothpaste” Prehistoric was sand, of which they are exploited the natural abrasion capacity, while “brush” was the here, with which the sand is rubbed on the teeth.

It seems that the first to use something more advanced oral care were the very advanced Egyptians.

They were using a prepared on the basis of salt, pepe, mint leaves and iris, a mixture together cleaning and refreshing.

The ancient Roman they used to long soda and urine (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/1936/storia-antica/ligiene-orale-nellantica-roma-si-lavavano-i-denti-i-romani) before the doctor Scribonio Largo, lived in the first century A.D., realized the first “toothpaste”.

It was a amalgam of vinegar, sale, honey and…shards of glass, Also too abrasive and cleaning.

The ancestors of our toothbrush, for centuries it was charcoals and chalks.

In the course of‘800 spread to England a based compound salt, football, coal and…brick dust, to which the 1824, for the first time, the dentist Peabody He added a detergent.

A half century Mr. John Harris addizionò to said compound of chalk: He was born Modern toothpaste.

In 1873 it began to be produced and sold on a large scale in large cans, so loose.

Next came more practical collapsible tubes, initially in metal, then plastic. (Photo gives posterimage.it).