Portrait of Louis de Rouvroy, Duke of Saint-Simon

Portrait of Louis de Rouvroy, Duke of Saint-Simon

Not all visitors were struck by the magnificence of Versailles, or better, There were some who, as well as luxury and splendor, he could not help but note some of its less positive characteristics and did not fail to testify.

Among the admirers was not the most luxurious of Europe built us Duca Rouvroy Louis de Saint-Simon, an aristocratic patron of the court, that in his Memory He has left us a portrait of Versailles decidedly unflattering:

The royal apartments have considerable drawbacks, as they give to local meleodoranti. Courtiers and servants live almost all in dark stambugi, unhealthy and airless, very similar to rabbit hutches. The distances are so huge that you have to travel kilometers of corridors in a single day. The toilets are so inadequate that the pee aristocrats stairs. The dining rooms are so far from the kitchens that foods arrive almost cold table, despite the more than four hundred servants used to service”.

It's still, about del'immenso park:

“To get to the cool shadows of the garden, They are forced to cross a wide, sunny esplanade, the end of which, at any point, there is no other alternative if nn going up or down stairs, while the garden itself ends with a small hill. The pavement burns your feet, but if there was no pavement it is constantly would sink in the sand or loose in a black mud. In many courses the water is green, muddy and dirty; humidity causes unhealthy and continues, accompanied by bad smell…Everywhere is plain to see violence perpetrated against nature”.

It seems incredible that so desolate and discouraging remarks could refer to the palace that was the pride of the king of France. (photo: wikipedia.org)