Preparation of the dough in the Middle Ages

Preparation of the dough in the Middle Ages

There is for centuries a rumor according to which spaghetti, Today the kind of best-known Italian pasta in the world, They would have been invented by Chinese and taken only in Europe in Middle Ages, or by Marco Polo after his return from the long trip to the East.

However, this is a chat baseless: Here's Why.

The oldest plate of spaghetti come down to us it was in fact found in an area in the northwest of China and dates back to about 40000 Years ago, but they are made millet.

Chinese noodles, although ancient, They were mainly based soy, while the wheat was not even known.

Against, a text dating from the twelfth century, Previous company to Marco Polo at least 100 years, refers to a plate of “vermicelli”, defining a wheat dough into thin wires produced near Palermo, probably araba origin.

In conclusion, Chinese and Italian noodles are two inventions that were completely independent.

I “our” Furthermore, would actually Arab invention that soon spread to Italy, where he found a huge and enduring success. (Photo gives