Portrait of Lucrezia Borgia

Portrait of Lucrezia Borgia

his Lucrezia Borgia It was told everything and its opposite: by perverse poisoner licentious and shameless it and converted the centuries, thanks to new discoveries historiographical, Martyr in almost sanctify, but probably, as usually it happens in these cases, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Surely he had not be easy for this beauty, her blond hair to be born and grow up in a family like his, It crushed as it was by the abominable father's personality, Pope Alexander VI and brother, the treacherous Cesare, men whose name remained strongly imprinted in history to the extent of the atrocities carried out; if at all, Lucrezia was certainly in part a victim of the climate of violence and abuse in which she was forced to live.

Having become already for contemporaries the very personification of evil, to the point that the depiction of the devil assumed at the time the bull's appearance, symbol of family, Borgia to the worst crimes were attributed, partly real, partly the result of popular imagination, It fueled by the feeling of growing hatred that rose from the lower layers of society and bad enemy propaganda.

It was rumored that the walls of the corridors of power in Rome happen obscenity impossible to imagine and tell; someone said that on the evening of 31 October 1501 He had taken place in a Vatican Sabbath satanic in which Alexander VI and his daughter Lucrezia had danced in honor of the Devil surrounded by naked prostitutes moving lascivious under the dim lights of candles; Officially it was the “chestnut festival” established by Caesar, where women were bending to pick up with your mouth the ground chestnuts, but in fact was more intent.

The reputation of the Borgias was bad and magnified, but their attitude to orgies and strange rituals was quite real. (Photo: larepubblica.it)