The & quot; true" Rodolfo Valentino e Gabriel Garko

The “vero” Rodolfo Valentino e Gabriel Garko

Waiting to see the miniseries Rudolph Valentino-The legend that Channel 5 transmit into two parts 16 and the 17 April next primetime, Gabriel Garko, Main interpreter fiction, He has released a’ interview reported by the weekly Telepiù (n°15), in which he reveals some details of the backstage e, mostly, He speaks of responsibility and emotion to lend his face and soul to a Myth Film of all time.

The actor did not hide the difficulties related to a less than simple role, for which she was forced to dance grueling hours to learn the secrets:

E’ the first time I play a real character” said Garko, “I wanted some time. sure, prepare for the role of a legend of cinema was not easy. He danced amazingly well”.

He added:

“For three weeks before the shoot and during the whole making of the film, I took tango lessons, foxtrot, charleston and waltzes. And Singing, since in a couple of scenes Valentino also performed as a singer”.

Direct miniseries Alessio Inturri, that even before being broadcast has already held bank in the media because of Integral nude scene that, seems, the end was censored, certainly it has the merit of bringing to the fore and thus the knowledge of the general public, an actor-dancer-singer-character that rightfully belongs to the history of cinema, of which it was a member rich in talent and which represented the first real sex-symbol male.

About this, the inevitable confrontation between two actors and sex-symbol, one today, the other of a past even as far, It will only increase the interest of people around the scripted.

To learn more about Rudolph Valentino and cast the exception of fiction-tv, I refer you to Article (Photo: