Bust of Julius Caesar

Bust of Julius Caesar

Who would ever have imagined that Julius Caesar, great political, writer and military genius, was a man so vain?

Yet this weakness was known to contemporaries, that, sometimes, teased.

Cesare gave much attention to the face and body and is subjected to beauty treatments even embarrassing for the time, as the hair removal.

Also he was very keen to clothing, who he was studying in minute detail.

These intimate information about Caesar we learn from Svetonio (I-II sec.d.C.), the historian more “gossip” From Rome, to whom we owe “demythologizing” many important historical figures.

About Caesar writes:

“Not only will he cut his hair and shaved diligently, but actually it shaved, which some reproached. Endured terrible fault of baldness, for which he was often insulted and mocked, and for that he was used to pull down from the top of the head a little hair”.

in conclusion, Caesar did what we call “carry-over”.

As to the manner of dressing Suetonius adds:

“He used a laticlavio fringed to the hands“.

The laticlavio was the gaudy purple band of senators.

At baldness, that was always a big worry for Cesare, I will devote more specific post; it is said that General, in a pathetic attempt to disguise, He never left the house without wearing the laurel wreath. (Photo: biografieonline.it).