Versailles nel 1668

Versailles nel 1668

To look at her, it's hard to imagine that Palace of Versailles, the most opulent of Europe, it was bound, at the time of its greatest splendor, in dirt conditions even unimaginable.

But that's it: in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the most admired and envied royal residence, was completely without toilets, with easy to understand results.

It's funny, but not too much, that along the walls of the halls were arranged, ready to use, spittoons Silver highly refined aesthetic and, even more, There is perplexing the extemporaneous use of valuable “seggette” full of gold ornaments and ivory scattered in different corners of rooms.

these were i “bath” di Versailles, when you do not adapt preferred, HE “occupied” as it had a pressing need, to the many stairs that connected the different floors of the building.

If it adds that no one at the time was used to wash, perfectly we understand why certain testimonies disgusted by some guests. (Photo: