Portrait of Moliere (1658)

Portrait of Moliere (1658)

That the great French playwright Molière (pseudonym Jean Baptiste Poquelin, 1622-1673) He harbored no great sympathy for doctors, you can easily guess the titles and the content of her works, in which they are represented so fiercely satirical, but not everyone knows that this concept stemmed, in reality, as a real phobias artist.

in conclusion, Molière “he was afraid” doctors, of which very little trust.

L’story that carryover below just to give an idea about it more than satisfactory.

One day, while the playwright was slightly sick in bed, a servant, by himself, She called a doctor so that he visited it.

When he showed up and it was announced, the artist said,: “A doctor? But today? Tell him that I can not receive it because I do not feel too good”. (Photo: wikipedia.org )