chef hat

Typical chef's hat

Have you ever wondered who invented the hat from chef?

Yup, just the tall and rounded one we know today.

Well, most historians believe that the modern chef's uniform is due to Marie-Antoine Careme, one of the biggest chef from the early 1800s (see also:

It is thought that he was the one who proposed, in addition to the jacket-shirt and trousers typical of those who carry out this profession, also white hat, the white cap that serves to preserve the hygiene of the dishes and to ensure greater comfort when you are busy in front of the stove.

In fact, even the chef of antiquity they used a headdress when they worked, but Careme introduced one Announcements which remains the same today.

He realized that it was enough to add a piece of cardboard inside, to ensure greater ventilation to the head and hair.

In this way he sweated a lot less, obviously.

It seems trivial, but if you think about it, this simple trick guaranteed to the cooks a freshness and a comfort hitherto unknown.

A gimmick as simple as it is brilliant, that after more than two hundred years from its development, it continues to work exactly as it did then (photo: