diamond bracelets of marie antoinette

The Marie Antoinette diamond bracelets that an anonymous buyer bought for 8 million euro

Due diamond bracelets of Marie Antoinette have just been auctioned by Christie’s for a record figure.

The anonymous buyer in fact, who carried out the transaction exclusively by telephone, was awarded the jewelry for 7, 46 million Swiss francs, corresponding to approx 8 million euro.

The auction house has made it known that the outcome of the operation has far exceeded their own expectations.

The objects in question are beautiful and refined, fully responding to the uncommon taste of the unfortunate queen of France: two identical bracelets formed by three rows of diamonds and closed by a bar hook.

Ben 112 precious stones throughout.

Marie Antoinette had them made to measure in 1776, two years after his coronation.

During the revolutionary riots she wrapped the precious items in cotton gauze herself, he closed them in a wooden box and sent them to Brussels.

Once recovered, diamond bracelets switched to Madame Royale, eldest daughter of the royal couple.

The current descendants have entrusted them to Christie’s.

The success of the sale demonstrates once more the interest of collectors in everything that belonged to the august wife of Louis XVI, not the frivolous woman that some biased sources wanted to tell us, but, as now established, a real fashion lover, furnishings and valuables, as well as herself a creative like today could be a stylist and / or a influence.

Apparently it was in Marie Antoinette's destiny to make a trend, then and now (see also: https://www.pilloledistoria.it/13304/notizie/scarpa-di-maria-antonietta-venduta-asta) (photo: askanews.it).