cleopatra's ploy

Liz Taylor is Cleopatra in the eponymous film

You know the famous Cleopatra's ploy, what the queen used to meet and seduce Caesar?

The year was 48 a.C. and the leaders of Egyptian politics were torn apart by fratricidal fight for the throne waged by Ptolemy and Cleopatra.

She knew well that she was in danger and decided to ask for the protection of the Roman, who at that time was in Alexandria looking for Pompey, took refuge there after the civil war.

Cultured and intelligent, as well as aware of its own charm, Cleopatra devised a system to arrive safely at the appointment.

Asking for the support of a faithful servant, he wrapped himself in a carpet (or in one of those hemp bags used to contain precious carpets and fabrics) and he was taken to the palace where Caesar was staying.

Well hidden, he managed to evade the guards.

When the woman came out of the envelope that protected her showing herself in all its splendor, the Roman politician was dazzled.

The passion between the two broke out that same night, which many others followed.

Cleopatra's ploy served to obtain far more than the hoped-for protection.

In fact, between her and the general, as known, one was born report which was certainly political, but probably also of love.

They also had a son, the unfortunate Caesarion (photo: