sword of a crusader

A Crusader sword found in Israeli waters

The Israeli sub Shlomi Katzin found at the bottom of the sea, to a depth of approx 150 meters, the one that, to all effects, it seems to be there sword of a crusader.

The discovery of the find took place in the waters located in front of the Carmel coast, an important area from an archaeological point of view due to its particular conformation.

This stretch of sea in fact, it is characterized by an articulated set of coves that, in the past, they were a perfect shelter for ships in the event of a storm.

The author of the lucky discovery has already delivered the precious object to the competent authorities.

The sword, made about 900 Years ago, it is in excellent condition and will soon be subjected to a delicate cleaning operation to eliminate the thick layer of marine concretions that covers it.

Further will also be performed analysis times, Inter alia, to specify the dating.

The object is quite impressive: the hilt measures approx 30 centimeters, lick her one meter.

Nir thistle field, inspector of the Theft Prevention Unit of the Israeli Antiquities Authority, commented on the fact with the following words: “it is a beautiful and rare find, evidently it belonged to a crusader knight”.

I will keep you updated in case of further developments (photo: blitztv.it).