perfumes in ancient Rome

Perfumes in Ancient Rome had alabaster containers if they were luxury fragrances, in glass if they were cheap

I perfumes in Ancient Rome, especially in imperial age, they were very popular and used.

People of all sexes and ages used them.

But how they prepared themselves, what were the ingredients main and in which containers they were preserved?

The sources ascertain that in the first century AD. existed in the city of specialized shops right in the packaging of these odorous ointments; they were derived from maceration in vegetable oils of different natural substances, including mainly flowers, herbs and resins.

obviously, as in any era, there were also in Rome luxury fragrances, intended for those who could afford to spend large sums on their own toilet, ed others cheaper and more accessible.

The first in general, they were enclosed in precious and very expensive alabaster ampoules, while for the others simple ones were enough glass bottles, affordable even for the less rich.

The perfumes in Ancient Rome appealed to both women and men, even if among the latter there were those who considered them a useless frivolity.

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