emperor vespasian

The Emperor Vespasian, often targeted by Suetonius for his habits

L’Emperor Vespasian, as known, he was a pragmatic man and little inclined to quirks and fuss.

Originally from Sabina, grew up in the countryside under the guidance of his paternal grandmother, it came up with a practical character, strong, often rude, faithful to the type of discipline imparted to him during childhood.

Also for this, unlike most wealthy Romans, he did not like to use perfumes and ointments.

E, apparently, he didn't even like those who, unlike him, they dressed up from head to toe.

Svetonio, the most curious and gossipy historian of Ancient Rome, tells that one day he appeared in the presence of Emperor Vespasian a very fragrant young man.

The boy wanted to thank him for making him prefect and obviously, appearing to him “polished”, he thought he was making a better impression.

We were wrong.

Vespasian, with a frown and a stern voice, he told him: “I wish you smelled like garlic”.

Not only: he even revoked his appointment!

The anecdote is simple and, in a sense, even fun, as indeed are almost always those narrated by Suetonius, trivial only in appearance, because, in reality, they help us enormously to understand personality, the strengths and weaknesses of the greatest Roman politicians (photo: studentitop.it).