blue blood

On the origin of the saying “have blue blood” to refer to the nobles, there are various theories

For centuries the expression “have blue blood” indicates people of noble origins.

But where does this saying that we all know and come from, probably, sometimes we use?

There are several theory about.

One of the most accredited refers to complexion, than in the past, in the aristocrats, it was generally markedly clearer than among those belonging to the poorest strata of the population.

The reason lay in their different way of life.

The commoners in fact, they carried out humble and often heavy jobs, in most cases in the open air, therefore the sun darkened their skin.

Nobles, Unlike, they stayed longer in their spacious and comfortable abodes and hardly ever exposed themselves to the sun's rays, therefore their complexions remained so clear that they were immediately visible bluish veins more superficial.

Second another theory instead, “blue blood” it would derive from the frequent bruises and bluish swellings caused by’haemophilia.

This hereditary disease in the past was very common in the wealthy classes, also because it is favored by the habit of being romantically linked to relatives, even tight.

Then there is to add that, in effect, judging by the portraits that have come down to us, nobles almost always had very fair skin.

This has certainly influenced the luck of the expression “have blue blood” (photo: