Memoires - Diary of an era by Olga Ivanovna Korostovetz

Memoires – Diary of an era, di Olga Ivanovna Korostovetz

“Memoires”-Diary of an era, Olga Ivanovna Korostovetz (1895-1993) ( Pathos Editions, euro 17,10) is a work of 216 pages containing in addition to the text also several historical photographs, all signed.

They are true stories of the adventurous life of the grandmother of Carlo Gastone, author of the book, Olga, daughter of a diplomat tsarist successfull, Ivan J. Korostovetz (1862-1933).

Olga describes local habits and customs even in the presence of well-known personalities in countries such as China, Japan, Mongolia e persia.

It portrays suggestive frescoes by daily life in very particular environments.

For example, it shows the detailed description of theaudience with the Shah of Persia he was born in travel on his own Trans-Siberian wagon, just finished building, from St. Petersburg to Beijing.

Narrates, Furthermore, i epochal changes at the turn of the twentieth century, experienced by her in first person.

The end of that historical period, it already appears inexorable.

That said, after making inquiries which lasted about 3 years (involving 3 university researchers, other well-known Italian professors and the well-known Slavist Piero Cazzola), on the figure of his great-grandfather Ivan Jacovlevich Korostovetz (father of Olga), Carlo Gastone decided to personally translate the text and to publish the memoirs of his grandmother Olga.

In the Prologue, the author states verbatim that "This translation comes from the desire to tell the story of my beloved Baboushka Olga ("Grandma" in Russian, familiarly called by us "Bousha") based on his Memoires, written in the 1970s, and to trace the brilliant historical figure of his father, Ivan Jacovlevich Korostovetz (1865-1933), successful diplomat of Tsarist Russia.

The author, in the Preface, describes Olga as a very sweet and always smiling person, despite the tragedies and hardships passed throughout his life: "A Revolution and two World Wars". (photo: