Etruscan women

Statue depicting an Etruscan woman. Etruscan women enjoyed rights unknown to other peoples of their time

The Etruscan women enjoyed rights unknown to girls and ladies of the Greece and of Roma.

The Etruscans, as known, they lived between the 9th and 1st centuries AD. in the geographical area that corresponds to today's Tuscany, Western Umbria and part of Lazio.

They were incredibly evolved and the condition of the woman amply demonstrates how advanced their society was (even in relation to those, although very large, contemporary to them).

Etruscan women had formal parity with men.

In addition to the fact that they did not live under their tutelage in fact, they had a first name and a proper family name (in Rome they possessed the paternal one), that they passed on to their children.

Nor did freedom and equality stop there.

From the earliest times Etruscan women could perform trading and receive heredity, but from the sixth century their condition progressed further.

Women's freedom also extended outside the home, carving out more and more spaces in public life.

Attend games and shows, attend banquets and drink wine, it became the norm even for the fairer sex.

It goes without saying that in Greece and Rome, where the female condition was decidedly different, certain costumes were seen as anything but good.

To the point that among these populations, Etruscan and prostitute became synonyms (photo: information).