shoe of marie antoinette

The shoe (right) it belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette just sold at auction

Can one shoe of Marie Antoinette be worth well 43.750 euro?

It seems so, since this is the amount with which a foreign private collector managed to buy it.

The precious heirloom was auctioned three days ago in Versailles from the famous Osenat auction house.

The starting price was much lower, between 8000 e 10000 euro, but evidently the anonymous enthusiast did not intend to spare any expense.

The Queen's Revenge

Strange fate that of Marie Antoinette.

Born privileged like very few others, it seemed destined to have the world at its feet and has been for years, until the revolutionary fury overwhelmed her, dragging her into tragedy.

The last queen of France was one of the most women (unfairly) reviled history when he was alive, but it is also one of the most popular post mortem.

His memorabilia they are among the most sought after in terms of the great personalities of the past.

in conclusion, and a little’ as if the wife of Louis XVI thus take his revenge on destiny.

If the guillotine meant to cancel it, the effect was instead exactly the opposite.

More than two centuries after his death, to grab any object she even just touched, you get to spend insane amounts.

Shoe of Marie Antoinette: how it is made and where it comes from

Returning to Marie Antoinette's shoe just auctioned, it is a long right foot 22,50 cm. and therefore corresponding to a current 36 circa.

The model is elegant, made in light silk and goatskin, with leather heel bearing a dedication: “Marie-Antoinette's shoe given to M. de Voisey” (shoe of Marie Antoinette donated to Voisey).

The authenticity of the find is ensured by its origin.

The footwear in fact, was kept by the family of Marie Emilie de La Chapelle, a dear friend of Madame Campan, the first chambermaid of Marie Antoinette author of a volume of Memory which constitutes a historical document of great value (photo: